What Is an Announcement

A short, time-sensitive piece of information that you need to call attention to. Also used to advertise seasonal services such as clinics and hotlines.


  • An office closure
  • An application or registration deadline
  • Master Gardener plant clinic information
  • A notice about food safety recalls or pest alerts

Announcements are not for individual events such as a workshop or lecture. Also, announcements only display on the site for a set period of time, so they shouldn’t be content that needs to remain visible long-term.

Who Can Add Announcements

Members of program or county office groups. If an announcement applies to more than one county or program, coordinate to make sure to add it only once.

Quick Tip: If an announcement has been entered that needs to be edited, added to or removed from your page, you can modify the tags of an announcement even if you are not a member of the group that entered it.

Instructions for Announcements

To create an Announcement, go to your My Groups page and select the appropriate County or Program group. Then, click the "Create Announcement" button at the top of the page.

On the edit screen for an announcement, you will see the following fields:

  • Display on county/program landing page: Check this box to force the announcement to show on the landing page for the county or program it is entered through. By default, if none have this box checked, the newest announcement will display on the landing page.
  • Display dates (required): dates during which the announcement should be visible. The announcement will display during the start and end date specified. For example, if you want an announcement to display on January 1, 2, and 3, you would select the dates January 1–January 3.
  • Emergency alert: Checking this box will make the announcement appear in a large red box at the top of every page for the county or program it was added through.
  • Content (required): the full content of the announcement.
  • Related content: If the announcement is related to another piece of content on the site, for example, an event that is occuring soon or a new publication that was released, select the content here to create a link to it on the announcement page.
  • Tags
    • Additional counties and Additional programs: other counties and programs where the announcement should show.
    • Announcement topic: specifies on which topic page(s) the announcement should show.
  • Teaser settings
    • Short description: a short summary of the announcement. This will show in “teasers” followed by a “Read more…” link to the full announcement content.

How and Where Announcements Display

Topic, program, and county landing pages display one announcement teaser. After the teaser is a button to “See All Announcements.” This page shows teasers for all announcements for that topic, program, or county. Each teaser links to the full announcement content.

Announcement Teaser Screenshot Example announcement teaser on a landing page

By default, the newest announcement applicable to the county or program shows on the landing page. To override this, check the "display on county/program landing page" box for the announcement(s) you would like to display there instead.

Announcements in a county or program group automatically show up for that county or program. They will also show up for counties and programs specified in the “additional counties” and “additional programs” fields. You can add an announcement to a topic page using the “announcement topic” field.

Teasers will only display during the dates specified in the “display dates” field.