County Office

What Is a County Office

Represents information about a county, including address, contact information, and office hours, and content on its main page.

Who Can Add County Offices

These have been set up for you. No one can add or delete them.

Instructions for County Offices

The edit screen for a county office has three sections:

  • Landing Page: this is the main page visitors see for the county. Most of this page is automatically generated based on content you enter, but there are some things you can specify here:
    • Banner image: the full-width image that appears at the top of county pages.
    • Introduction: text at the top of the landing page to introduce the county.
    • Quick links: a bar of up to four highlighted links (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, a newsletter, or a calendar).
    • Featured content section: you can select a few content items to display on the landing page. We recommend listing newsletters or other content that is specific to the county.
    • Video section: a video displayed on the office's landing page.
    • About: additional text to describe the work done or services available in the county.
    • Impact stats: display an orange bar on the landing page higlighting impact numbers in the county.
  • "What we do" introduction: this is where you can specify text to display at the top of the county's "What we do" page (see below).
  • County Info: the contact information, location, office hours, etc. for the county.

Quick Tip: Members of county groups can feature educational content entered by Content Teams on their pages. See: Organizing and Displaying Content on Other Pages.

How and Where County Offices Display

Each county has several automatically generated pages:

  • Landing page: the "main" page for the county that contains contact information and other info that people are usually looking for on county pages. This page has the following sections:
    • Introduction: text entered when you edit the county.
    • Quick links: content entered when you edit the county.
    • Location and contact info: information entered when you edit the county.
    • Announcements: automatically generated list of announcements entered by or tagged with the county.
    • About: content entered when you edit the county.
    • Upcoming events: automatically generated list of events entered by or tagged with the county.
    • What we do teaser: automatically generated list of focus areas entered by the county.
    • Featured content: content entered when you edit the county.
    • Social media: automatically generated list of social media links entered by the county.
  • What We Do: lists the focus areas for the county (see Focus Areas) as well as the programs that are tagged with the county.
  • Events: lists events entered by the county or local programs in the county. Events entered by other groups and tagged with the county are displayed in a separate list lower on the page.
  • Faculty and Staff: lists the users on the site who work in the county.

There is a list of all counties on the Find Us page. The link to “Find Us” is in the top black menu bar at the top of every page. The sidebar on local participant-based program pages also have links to the counties where that program is active.