Podcast Episode

What Is a Podcast Episode

Podcast Episodes are audio files either uploaded to the website or hosted by an external service (such as SoundCloud or Libsyn). They are organized into podcast containers. For example the PolliNation Podcast container includes numbered episodes.

Who Can Add Podcast Episodes

Members of Content Team groups can add Podcast Episodes. Note that you must enter an episode of a podcast through the same group as the podcast container it belongs to.

Instructions for Podcast Episodes

Step 1: Create the Podcast Container

The first time you upload a podcast, you will need to create a container to hold all the episodes together. To do this, go to the edit screen for a Podcast Episode. Then click the “create a Podcast landing page” link under the dropdown list of available podcasts.

Here, you can enter information about the podcast that applies to all episodes that it contains. The info you can enter is:

  • Description/About (required): information about the podcast, for example, how often episodes come out or what it is about.
  • Subscribe link: the link visitors can use to subscribe to the podcast.
  • Tags: information about the podcast to help with display, sorting, search, and promotion.
  • Teaser settings: thumbnail and short description that display in the podcast's teaser. If the thumbnail is empty, it will use a default image based on the topic.

Step 2: Create Episodes for the Podcast

To create a Podcast Episode, go to your My Groups page and select the appropriate Content Team group. Then, click the "Create Podcast Episode" button at the top of the page.

On the edit screen for a Podcast Episode, you will see the following fields:

  • Episode title (required): a title distinguishing it from other episodes (e.g. “Episode 2: ...”)
  • Associated podcast (required): the podcast to which this episode belongs

Troubleshooting Tip: If the podcast you want isn’t in the list, one of two things is happening:

  1. you aren’t adding the episode through the group the podcast belongs to, or
  2. the podcast container hasn’t been created yet.

  • Audio (required): When you click "Select audio" a window will pop up where you can either upload an audio file or embed a link to an audio file hosted by an external service. In either case, you will need to give the audio file a name and include its transcript. If you cannot provide a transcript initially, include the contact information for the person to contact to request the transcript if needed.
  • Description/Episode intro: text to display above the audio player for the episode
  • Tags (topic required): information about the episode to help with display, sorting, search, and promotion. See below for more details.
  • Teaser settings: thumbnail and short description that display in the episode's teaser. If the thumbnail is empty, it will use the thumbnail from the corresponding podcast container. If this is unavailable, it will use a default image based on the topic.
  • Author and publishing information: Previous episodes are arranged based on the “Date Published or Revised” entered here.
    • If the content’s author is an OSU Extension employee, start typing their name into the first “Author(s)” field and select them when they come up. This will associate the content with their profile on the site.
    • If the content’s author is not an OSU Extension employee (including OSU employees who don’t have an Extension appointment), enter their information in the “Non-Extension Author(s)” fields.

How and Where Podcast Episodes Display

Podcast containers display automatically on topic and program pages based on their tags.

They can also be featured in page sections on topic landing pages, program pages, and county pages.

The newest episode of the podcast will display with a thumbnail on the page for the podcast container. The next five newest episodes will display in a text-only list below it. Older episodes can be accessed by clicking the "Podcast archive" button below this list. The order of these lists depends on the "Date Published or Revised" set for each episode, in the "Step 4: Author and Publishing Information" section of the edit screen.