Program Resource

What Is a Program Resource

A document or link that is necessary for participation in a program (see definition of program above). Examples include forms, policies, or procedures. These should be items that are only of interest to participants in a specific program.

It is very important that educational materials that are useful to the general public NOT be entered as program resources but rather another content type through a Content Team group. Program resources are only seen and needed by participants in a program, and so are more difficult for a general audience to find.

Who Can Add Program Resources

Members of Program groups

Instructions for Program Resources

To create a Program Resource, go to your My Groups page and select the Program group. Then, click the "Create Program Resource" button at the top of the page.

On the edit screen for a program resource, you will see the following fields:

  • Resource type (required):

    • Selecting “External Website” will provide a field for you to enter a URL.
    • Selecting “Document” will provide a field for uploading a document. You can also specify alternate versions of the file. This is for documents that are available in multiple formats (e.g. PDF, Word) or languages. The different versions are differentiated by the names you give them when you upload them.
  • Description (required): a description of the resource that displays in the teaser.

  • Category: To organize program resources, you can configure categories for them (see below).
  • Purpose/Usage: This field is for organizational purposes and will not affect how the program resource displays to visitors to the site. If none fit, select “Other.”
  • This resource is for current program volunteers: This is for internal informational purposes only. In the future, it could be used to pull information into a volunteer management solution Extension may adopt.
  • Thumbnail: an image for the resource that displays in the teaser. If empty and the resource is a PDF document, it will use an image of the first page of the document.

Quick Tip: If you will need to replace a program resource document with a new version in the future, consider taking advantage of the file versioning functionality available in Box. See: File Management for more information.

Managing Program Resource Categories

To tag a program resource with categories, you must first create the categories. Categories are program specific. Every program group (including local program groups) has its own set of categories.

To add or edit a category, go to the Group Content page for the group the resource is in. Click the “Categories” link at the top of the page.

Program Group Tabs Screenshot

This will take you to a page with a list of available categories. It also shows how many resources are tagged with each category and how many page sections are set up to display that category.

When you add or edit a category, you can enter both a name and a description. These are only visible on edit screens and won’t show publicly to visitors to the site.

Where and How Program Resources Display

Program Resources display in “Program Resource List” sections on program subpages. These are sorted alphabetically by default, but you can customize the order. See the Subpage section below for more information.

Program Resources List Screenshot

Local programs can display program resources from their statewide program. To do this, add a “Program Statewide Resource List” section to a page. You can narrow the resources shown by the categories configured by the statewide program.

Case Study: BBB Program Resources

Better Bones and Balance uses categories to organize their Program Resources: Program Categories Screenshot Their program subpages roughly correspond to these categories:

  • DVD -> Better Bones and Balance Store Items
  • Fact Sheets -> Research & Publications
  • Instructor Resources -> Instructor Resources
  • Recertification -> Become a BBB Instructor
  • Research -> Research & Publications
  • Sample Lessons -> Instructor Resources