What Is a Program

A program on the Extension website is an externally facing activity that members of the public can participate in. Examples include 4-H programs and the various Master training programs.

This definition is narrower than what people in Extension normally mean by “program.” It’s not an industry-focused program, informational center program, or Extension program area. These can be highlighted in projects, topic pages, or county focus areas.

Program Project Topic Page
- Public participation or local engagement is a key component.
- Web content updates regularly and participants need to access it frequently.
- Extension activity with impact or outputs that are of interest to the public.
- Often includes partnership with external organizations.
- May seek input from the public (e.g., a survey), offer courses, or provide targeted information, but not ongoing participation.
- Ongoing high-level activity area such as “Dairy Extension”.
- Experts collaborating in working groups that develop educational materials.
- May also include events, projects, and participatory programs.

Most programs have a single main “statewide” program group that maintains content. Counties can point visitors there and add some locally relevant information if applicable. However, some programs (namely, 4-H and Master Gardener) have dedicated staff for maintaining specific local content. These have local program groups in addition to the statewide program group.

Who Can Add Programs

These have been set up for you. No one can add or delete them.

Instructions for Programs

The edit screen for a program has three sections:

  • Landing Page: This is where you control the content on the program’s landing page. It acts like a subpage. See the Subpage section of this chapter for more information.
  • Contact info and other Content: This is where you can edit the location and contact information for the program. You can also edit the introductory text for certain automatically generated program pages.
  • Tags: This is where you can edit the tags for the program.
  • Teaser settings: This is where you can edit the description, thumbnail image (photo or square graphic companion logo that has been approved by OSU) for the program.

Quick Tip: Members of program groups can feature educational content entered by Content Teams on their pages. See: Organizing and Displaying Content on Other Pages.

If your program has an existing website, you can enter the link in the "Program's website URL" box in the “Program Info” section of the edit page. Visitors will go directly to this site when they click on the program. If you would like to show a short description about the program, faculty and staff, events, newsletters, etc. before directing people to the external site, do not add the link to the “Program Info” section. Instead hyperlink to it on the program landing page using a “Button Link” section.

How and Where Programs Display

There is a list of all programs on the programs page. This is in the top black menu bar at the top of every page under “Get Involved.”

You can tag a program with topics and counties in the “Program Info” section of the edit screen. This will create a link to the program on the "What We Do" pages of the specified counties and on the Get Involved menu on the specified topic pages.