Project Supporting Material

What Is a Project Supporting Material

Content that provides context or additional information about a Project (see above). This may include instructions for use of the Project’s outputs, links to surveys, links to purchase options, or information about supporting the project.

Who Can Add Project Supporting Materials

Members of Content Team groups that contain the project.

Instructions for Project Supporting Materials

To create a Project Supporting Material, go to your My Groups page and select the Content Team group that contains the Project the material is related to. Then, click the "Create Project Supporting Material" button at the top of the page.

The edit screen for a project supporting material has the following fields:

  • Associated Project (required): the project that the material supports. This is necessary because a content team may contain more than one Project.

    Choose Associated Project Screenshot

  • Type (required): the type of material. This is used for informational or organizational purposes only, and isn’t seen by the public.

  • Content: the main text that shows on the Material’s page
  • Page Sections: additional content that shows on the Material’s page (see Page Sections for more information). The following types of sections are available to add to the page:
    • Button Link: a link styled as an orange button
    • Call to Action: text, image, and link to encourage visitors to the page to take an action
    • Featured Content: links to other content on the site
    • Image: an uploaded image
    • Image slider: a slideshow of uploaded images.
    • Project Materials List: uploaded documents or links to other sites displayed in a list
    • Quick links bar: an orange bar across the page that can contain links to social media or important pages
    • Tabbed Section: allows you to display other sections in tabs, where only one tab is displayed at a time and visitors can switch between them
    • Text: formatted text
    • Text with Background: formatted text with a background image that spans the entire screen
    • Two-Column Section: allows you to display other sections in two columns (on large enough screens)
    • Video: a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or OSU Media Space
  • Teaser settings: thumbnail and short description that display in the material's teaser.

Where and How Project Supporting Materials Display

All supporting materials tagged with a Project will show up in a sidebar on that Project’s page.

By default, the newest materials show up at the bottom of the sidebar. If you are a member of the group that contains the Project, you can customize the order of materials in the sidebar by clicking the “Reorder Pages” button at the bottom of the sidebar. This will take you to a page where you can drag and drop the materials into the order that you want. To nest one page under another, drag the nested page beneath it’s parent and then to the right. To un-nest a page, drag it back to the left. When you are done, click the “Save” button.