What Is a Project

A project on the Extension website is an Extension activity with impact or outputs (such as a toolkit or calculator) that are of interest to the public. They often include partnerships with external organizations.

Projects differ from programs in that they do not involve ongoing participation with members of the public, such as volunteering or increasing levels of involvement. However, projects may seek public input through surveys, offer courses, or provide targeted information.

A Project can consist of a single page, or have a sidebar of links to Project Material pages.

Who Can Add Projects

EESC will set up projects for content team groups upon request. Once a project has been set up, members of the content team containing the Project can create Project Materials on their own.

Instructions for Projects

The edit screen for a project has the following fields:

  • Banner image: large image that displays at the top of the page.
  • Content: the content that shows on the Project’s page (see Page Sections for more information). The following types of sections are available to add to the page:

    • Button Link: a link styled as an orange button
    • Call to Action: text, image, and link to encourage visitors to the page to take an action
    • Collapsible Section: text that can be collapsed and expanded

    Collapsible Section Screenshot

    • Featured Content: links to other content on the site
    • Image: an uploaded image
    • Image slider: a slideshow of uploaded images.
    • Project Materials List: uploaded documents or links to other sites displayed in a list
    • Quick links bar: an orange bar across the page that can contain links to social media or important pages
    • Tabbed Section: allows you to display other sections in tabs, where only one tab is displayed at a time and visitors can switch between them

    Tabbed Section Screenshot

    • Text: formatted text
    • Text with Background: formatted text with a background image that spans the entire screen
    • Two-Column Section: allows you to display other sections in two columns (on large enough screens)
    • Video: a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or OSU Media Space
  • Tags: includes topic, program area, program, and counties

  • Teaser settings (short description required): thumbnail and short description that display in the project's teaser. If the thumbnail is empty, it will use a default image based on the topic. If "project external website URL" is specified, links to the project will direct visitors to the given link instead of the project's page on the Extension website.

Where and How Projects Display

There is a list of all projects on the projects page. This is in the top black menu bar at the top of every page under “Get Involved.”

If you tag a Project with a topic, it will show up on the “Our Work” page for that topic. Topic committees may also feature projects on the topic landing page. Programs and counties can feature projects to their pages by using Page Sections (for example, a "Featured Content" page section).