Social Media Link

A link to a social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).

Members of County or Program groups

To create a Social Media Link, go to your My Groups page and select the appropriate County or Program group. Then, click the "Create Social Media Link" button at the top of the page.

On the edit screen of a Social Media Link, you will see the following fields:

  • Account name (required): the name of the account being linked to
  • Account type (required): the platform of the account
  • Account URL (required): the link to the account
  • Description: a short description of the account. Currently, this is used for internal purposes only.
  • Show on focus areas: If the Social Media link is added through a County group, you can specify one or more focus areas for it to display on.

Social Media links appear as simple links to the account with an icon for the platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). If you want to enter an account on a platform that is not an option, please contact the EESC web team to add the option.

Where social media links display depends on whether it was entered by a program or a county. In both cases, the links will display in alphabetical order by account name.

  • Counties: Social media links entered by a county automatically appear at the bottom of the county landing page. If a focus area is selected in the link's "Show on Focus Areas" field, it will also display at the bottom of that focus area page.
  • Programs: Programs can add a "Program Social Media List" page section to any of their pages. This will display a list of all social media links entered by that program group.

Note: Both counties and programs may choose to link to social media accounts in a "Quick Links Bar" page section. In this case, the account is not entered as described above. Instead, the link is entered when you add the Quick Links Bar section.