What Is a Video

An informational video.

Who Can Add Videos

Members of content team groups.

Note that members of county and program groups can add videos directly to their pages as page sections instead of entering them as a separate piece of content. This content type is intended for educational videos about a topic on the website.

Instructions for Videos

To create a Video, go to your My Groups page and select a Content Team group. Then, click the "Create Video" button at the top of the page.

On the edit screen for a video, you will see the following fields:

  • Video (required): You can embed a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or OSU MediaSpace.
  • Description/Supplemental text (required): additional text to show on the full video page.
  • Tags (topic required): information about the video to help with display, sorting, search, and promotion. See below for more details.
  • Teaser settings (short description required): thumbnail and short description that display in the video's teaser. If the thumbnail is empty, it will use a default image based on the topic.
  • Author and publishing information: information about the content for future maintenance.
    • If the content’s author is an OSU Extension employee, start typing their name into the first “Author(s)” field and select them when they come up. This will associate the content with their profile on the site.
    • If the content’s author is not an OSU Extension employee (including OSU employees who don’t have an Extension appointment), enter their information in the “Non-Extension Author(s)” fields.

Important Note: All videos produced by or for Extension should be captioned for accessibility. See Accessibility for more information.

How and Where Videos Display

The tags in the “Topics, Keywords, Programs, and Regions” section of the edit screen determine where the video displays.

  • Topic: It will show in the “Browse All Resources” page for the specified topic(s). A link to the topic page for the topic will display below the video. Other content tagged with the topic will show below the video in a “Related Resources” section.
  • Program: If the specified program has added a “Program Tagged Content List” section to one of its pages, it will show up there. See the Subpage section for more information.
  • The other tags available to fill in are used for internal marketing purposes and/or populating the filters visitors use in search results or on topic pages.