Getting Help

If you have a question or problem with the Extension website, here’s how you can get help.

Common Issues

This table describes common questions and problems people have.

Issue Solution Link
I need to be added to a group Contact the group leader to request membership The Group contact dashboard has the list of groups and their members and leaders.
Someone is missing from the faculty/staff list on a topic, program, or county page Submit a web support request Support ticket form
Something is showing up on a topic, program, or county page that shouldn’t be there Either modify the tags of the content or contact the person who uploaded the content and request that they remove the incorrect tag You can find the uploader on the Site Content Overview page.
The content I added isn’t showing up when I search for “X” Add keywords to the content containing the phrase. It can also be added to the main text content area. You may need to wait a couple hours for this change to take effect.
My educational content doesn’t fit well into any of the existing topics You can request a new topic for consideration by submitting a support request Support ticket form
I need my content to show up on this page See Displaying and Organizing Content on Other Pages
I’m not sure which group or content type I should use to add my content Read the “Getting Started with Content” section of this guide. If you still have questions, submit a web support request Support ticket form

Submitting a Support Request

Anytime you need help or experience a problem, you are welcome to submit a web support request. When you submit through the support ticket form, please include:

  • what county or program you are working in and your role,
  • a link to the page where you are experiencing trouble, if there is one, and
  • a screenshot of any errors that show up, if possible.

You can submit a support request using this form.

Getting Updates on Recent Changes

EESC posts new features for the Extension website, trainings, and other relevant information on the Extension Digital Strategy Project Blog. New posts are announced in the ConnEXTions newsletter. You can also subscribe to the blog directly to receive an email whenever a new post is added, which is typically 2 to 4 posts per month.

We also send the most important updates to group leaders via email. It is up to these group leaders to share the information with other members of their group in whatever way works best for them. If you keep up with the project blog, you will have all the important information you need.