Leadership Teams

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Extension & Engagement Executive Team

  • Strategic alignment role of digital content and engagement strategy

    • Establish criteria that will guide decisions about the use of technology to support the overall content and engagement strategy of the organization
    • Review and guide the digital content and engagement strategy plan to ensure alignment with organizational goals and resource allocations
  • Provide oversight for the implementation of the content management system and customer relationship management system

    • Support the Digital Content and Engagement (Navigator) Strategy Team and have decision authority for approving strategy recommendations and resource allocations

OSU Extension Service Collaborative Members

  • Messenger role for the digital content and engagement strategy

    • Communicate about the project and its long-range goals within their networks
    • Encourage faculty and staff to collaborate within and between teams and groups
  • Reinforce and frame conversations

    • Have a responsibility to understand the project goals, scope, and timeline
    • Repeat or revise communication based on feedback and other timely needs

Digital Content and Engagement (Navigator) Strategy Team

  • Strategic leader role for digital content and engagement

    • Lead collaborative development of a customer-focused content strategy
    • Develop centralized management systems for content and customer relationships
    • Facilitate the development and assessment of digital engagement strategies
    • Provide leadership to support strategic and effective use of technology and data within Extension's overall mission
  • Manage the adoption of digital content and engagement strategy for Extension

    • Create​ ​and​ ​manage​ ​a digital​ ​framework, including design, maintenance, and integration between systems (content management system, customer relationship management, etc.)
    • Facilitate​ ​content​ ​strategy (governance, workflow, structure, substance)
    • Provide analytics, usability testing, and user research
    • Conduct needs assessments and development of solutions for customer engagement
    • Monitor digital​ ​asset​ ​management
    • Collaborate with ​​content ​team ​leaders, program group coordinators, and county office group coordinators to implement the content and digital engagement strategy
    • Provide​ ​communications, documentation guides, and training​ ​for​ ​new systems